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Sailing in the Mediterranean

This section aims to provide useful information for experienced sailors and novices alike.


Weather is a preoccupation for sailors. While the Western Mediterranean generally offers blue skies and a predictable sea breeze, storms can and do occur suddenly, particularly the feared mistral blowing out of the Gulf of Lyons in the northwest. You can find information on forecasts and local winds here, as well a helpful guide to understanding Spanish terms for wave heights.


Dolphins. Birds. Unique species of lizards. The Balearic Islands are rich in wildlife.

Sailing advice

Sailing in the Mediterranean is different from sailing in the UK, and generally much easier. With very limited tides to content with, rock hazards that have not moved for generations (unlike the shifting sands of the east coast) and plentiful sheltered harbours, it is a tranquil and relaxing place to charter a yacht. The tips in this section, covering anchoring, berthing, rafting and more, are often quite basic, and I apologise to any experienced sailors who feel that they already know what they need to know.
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