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Itinerary - 1 week trip

Starting from Alcudia: 1 week sailing voyage in the Balearics

With a week long trip, there are many options. Menorca is within easy reach from Alcudia, and a circumnavigation is possible if the weather is both favourable and settled. A more relaxing trip is simply to head southwest along the sheltered bottom of Mallorca as far as you fancy, and turn round halfway through the week.

A long trip is inevitably more flexible. The exact itinerary is best decided based on the weather and the crew, and most itineraries have options to increase or reduce the balance of sailing versus swimming/eating/relaxing.

Warning: I have not got access to my charts as I write, so the distances are estimates and should not be relied upon.

Sailing trip 1 - Menorca

  Destination Distance Comment
Day 1 Colonia 12 nm A three hour sail from Alcudia. Anchoring in Calo Es Caló, only three miles from Colonia, offers a beautiful lunch or swimming stop. The more adventurous could instead head to /Ratjada which is 35 nautical miles away but is a good jumping off point for crossing the Menorca channel
Day 2 Anchorage 40 nm The Menorca Channel is the best place in the Balearics to spot dolphins, but it have a nasty swell, particularly if the mistral has been blowing. Check the forecast before you go, paying particular attention to the wave heights. You can sail to Ciudadella, or head for one of the beautiful anchorages on the south side of Menorca such as Cala Turqueta or Cala Macarella.
Day 3 Mahon 12 nm A gentle sail along the south coast of Menorca to Mahon, the capital of Menorca. Beautiful harbour, good facilities and centuries of maritime history.
Day 4 Anchorage ? Menorca is very small, and you can pretty well choose any anchorage on the island. Go round the north if the swell/wind is from the south and vice versa. Consider Fornells or Cala Covas.
Day 5 Ciudadella ? Ciudadella is definitely worth a visit, and as the closest point to Mallorca, is a good departure point.
Day 6 Colonia or Ratjada Approx 35nm Both Colonia and Ratjada are great destinations towards the end of the voyage. Colonia is much nearer Alcudia leaving only 2-3 hours sailing the next day; Ratjada is 5-7 hours away.
Day 7 Alcudia 12 nm/35 nm A three hour sail from Colonia or up to seven hours from Ratjada concludes the trip. Anchoring in Calo Es Caló, only three miles from Colonia, offers a perfect end to your Mallorca / Menorca sailing charter. stop.

You can read a description of this trip in my blog of a Menorca sailing trip

A week long sailing trip around Menorca is idyllic, with several days with lots of sailing interspersed with short hops around Menorca itself. I often aim for at least two nights of anchor, but it is possible to spend nearly every night at anchor if you prefer.

The itinerary sets off to Menorca early (it's even possible to go on day 1 if you are ahead on your victualling) and come back a day early at the end to allow for bad weather. Menorca is only 26 miles long, so nothing is very far away once you arrive, and the calas are much less crowded than those on Mallorca.

This is probably my favourite itinerary out of Alcudia.

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