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Dolphin so close you could almost touch it The joy of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is that they come to see you, and not the other way round. In a sailing yacht there is no way that you could chase a dolphin, even if you wanted to. Dolphin visitors to your yacht are there because they are curious, and want to play, and it is fantastic. We have typically had one-two visits a year (in a total of about three weeks sailing on average per annum.) They have mostly occurred in the channel between Mallorca and Menorca, in a stiff breeze (Force 4-5) with a decent turn of speed.
If you are lucky enough to see these beautiful creatures, enjoy every second and remember that they are in control of the encounter. If you wish, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society would appreciate a sighting report, together with as much information on weather conditions as you can provide.
Pair of dolphins Single dolphin surfacing Dolphin diving and showing its tail Dolphin surfacing
Five dolphins very close Four dolphins close to the boat Four more dolphins Two dolphins surfacing to breathe
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