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Mallorca is one of the most popular bird-watching destinations in the Mediterranean, with habitats ranging from the high mountains of the north and east coasts to lowland marshes and coastal scrub.

It is particularly good in spring, and to a lesser extent, autumn, when vast numbers of migrating birds stop on their journey between North Africa and Northern Europe. Over 340 different bird species have been spotted in Mallorca, and include marsh harriers, Andouin's gulls, black vultures, Eleonora's falcons, crossbills and blue rock thrushes.

In the north-east of the island, the cliffs of Cap Formentor offer nesting sites and hunting grounds for raptors, while the national park of S'Abulfera near Alcudia offers 2,200 hectares of coastal habitat with a fantastic range of species. For sailors, the entire island of Cabrera has been declared a nature reserve, and is only accessible by boat.

Recommended birdwatching websites for Mallorca and Menorca

The Fat Birder runs a birdwatching website which identifies some of the better locations for birdwatching.

Birdtours offers a travelogue from 2005 cataloging sightings of 123 distinct species, including "lifers" for every member of the party. Birds spotted included a Knobbed Coot, a Purple Swamp Hen, a brief Little Bittern, a pair of Slender Billed Gulls and two Whiskered Terns, while raptors included Black Vultures, Egyptian Vultures, Ospreys, Booted Eagles, Red Kites, Marsh Harriers, Kestrels, Eleonora's and Peregrine Falcons.

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